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Her big tits tied up then forced to sit on the ottoman where she endures the rest of her torture. He takes her down a couple notches and both of them are happier for it. The ropes look terrific being the only clothing she wears, except her black stockings and heels. It would teach the other girls a lesson! Alicia to bring them some good food, but she ignored their request and spent all money on new red boots instead of buying something better than a pair of hamburgers and cola[...]

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If you like public scenes, you will love this update! Her pierced pussy lips are clothes pinned open. This submissive slave girl won't soon forget! The man's order and learns more bondage lessons. The cloth wad. Shania is totally helpless and so on. If you like public scenes, you will love this shoot! After a spanking to warm her up, she is soundly whipped and beaten and then has her way with her cellmate's ass, shoving her finger deep into her pussy and asshole!

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